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Approved UL224 PVC TF5 hoses

The flexible insulating PVC TF5 tube UL224 approved (Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. – for the export to the American and Canadian markets) has the peculiar characteristic of being used with operating temperatures up to 105°C and at the same time having a temperature of embrittlement of about 12°C below zero.

It has great flexibility and good mechanical and dielectric features, it withstands moisture and the most common chemical agents.

The TF5 tube is supplied in gray and black, in various diameters and in rolls.

It is especially indicated for the insulation of electrical conductors in a wide range of applications, ranging from electric machines to household appliances, from measuring instruments to telephone and radio and television systems, from the electrical systems of cars to those on board aircraft, etc.

Minimum order quantities must be agreed according to the diameter.

This item is usually available in stock in standard diameters.